Monday, April 29, 2013

A Clean Well Lighted Place To Work

Good Morning,

Monday is here, and I for one am rather excited about starting the work week.

This blog has discussed tools, uses and care of, as well as a number of things related to the Studio in general.  Today I thought it would be fun to show off the "workbench".

Not so much a workbench as it is a large, long table, but it will suffice for the meantime.  I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing the Studio, it still has a long way to go but at least the work area is clean and inviting.  Come, sit and create something, it beckons.

It is important to have a clutter free work area, in the photo below you can see the work space, a large space for equipment (currently a  note book resides in the spot), along with hammers, torches, Dremel tool, mandrels, other tools, and a small rack of incidentals (files, striker, gloves and other things) hangs on the wall within easy reach.  A positionable light with a magnifying lens is attached to one edge of the table, it may be pulled down for small work, or lifted up and out of way as you see here, it is also an excellent extra light source.  The windows and overhead light come from behind me, casting shadows across the table, which is not only bad for my eyesight, but it makes it difficult to see what I am actually working on.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Readers from everywhere,
Welcome to The Alchemists Vessel.  That's it, right there.  No longer do I reside in the Great Room at the dining-room table, no more do I fret over spills, wax, fire (OK, maybe a little bit) and other things that may mar or damage a surface.  This table, that chair, is my Studio.  Kind of not what you thought, huh.  Yes, there is a whole room attached to the table and chair, don't you worry, and more equipment lies about the area within a step or two away.  The "heavy machinery" is out in the garage.

It is important to be sure that you not only have enough light, but that you have enough space to work on your items.  Of course things should be within reach, but out of the way of the immediate area in which you are working.  It is also a nice idea to have extra space tools and / or equipment you may need for working on a project.  Here things are rather compact.  The crock pot, for example, plugs into the outlet provided on the lamp's base, (not visible in photo). Not only is this convenient, it is also within easy reach, as the pot does not have an On/Off switch, it can be unplugged immediately when not in use or switched off with the lamp's power toggle.

I think this is the first time any of you will get to see a piece of my art that hangs in the studio.  Although not quite completed, I had to get it out of the way, and the wall already had a nail in it, so why not just hang the thing.  I don't paint well,  but I do enjoy dabbling on occasion.

A front view of the bench, here it is easier to see how it all comes together as a functioning workbench.  These photos were actually taken with my cellphone, because once again my camera has eaten 
the batteries.

This is where the magic happens.

The bench is currently set up for a Super Secret Project!  The plastic bag you see contains materials that if left out in the open one will oxidize and the other will harden to an unusable state.   As you read this, I sit in that chair, at that table, and am more than likely soldering something.  

This lovely item is an actual Bench Jewelers bench, each compartment and drawer are actually made to accommodate specific items.  The drawer in front, unlike a desk, is called a "catch drawer" it is used to catch the metal dust from sheet metal when sawing or cutting or piercing the piece.

From Gesswein this little beauty is solid wood and has a number of amenities, bench pin, catch drawer and ring mandrel holder.  For $315.00 this is a very nice piece of equipment, not a necessary one, but a nice one.

Thank you for stopping in and having a read.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant work week.

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