Monday, April 22, 2013

Guinevere Chainmaille Necklace New Item

Good Morning,

Monday is here, the work week is ahead, and there are five days to get it all right.  Due to a personal situation the blog will be short and not very detailed for these next couple of weeks.  Sometimes you get so busy taking care of business that you forget to take care of yourself, and that can cause down time for the artist.

This morning's item is very pretty and rather neat.   Available on Etsy: Guinevere.

The chain is woven in two patterns Round and Inverted Round Maille weaves.  Genuine Australian Green Jasper beads are secreted in the chain and accent the main focal point of the necklace.  Silver Rings are also tucked here and there to add stability and another design element the piece.

Most Maille pieces will lay flat, this one has some dimension to it, as the Round Maille weave actually "stands-up" when the piece is worn, giving it a unique and very pretty lace-like look.

Detail can be seen here, a Green Jasper bead has been tucked inside the chain, just a couple of links below are silver rings, captured in the weave.

Detail of focal point, the genuine Jasper beads are a lovely greenish-blue with deeper green inclusions across the surface of the stone.  These are very pretty and may be mistaken for turquoise on occasion. 

 18-1/2" total length, the piece rests just along the decolletage (decollete) making an attractive collar to jazz up that stuffy Professional Office attire or a dazzling accessory for Date Night.  Also appropriate for period costumes, film, stage and event attire.

Customizable, may be made to desired length or with different beads.  There are two more versions on the workbench awaiting finishing touches, as well as to be photographed for listing and sale.

This piece is also on  You may find it under the listing, Merry Go Round.
Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.


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