Monday, July 30, 2012

New Items In The Shop

Monday is here, and we're all ready to take on this week's challenges, yes?

I had a very  pleasant if not eventful weekend.  After accidentally locking my poor wee beast, Nora, the cat, in the Office / Studio closet for a couple of hours, I opened the door to find my supplies, boxes of beads, ribbons, wire, leather cording, et al, strewn across the carpeted floor of the tiny hole I call a supply closet.  Five hours later I think I have managed to find and retrieve the majority of the bits and pieces.  I apologize to my animal-friend for such unintentional harsh treatment, but you could have just meowed to be let out!

Sunday afternoon was spent trading / swapping beads and other goodies with a friend, so I now have new supplies to play with as well, be on the look out for those!

New items in the shop include watches and necklaces this week.

Description:  7-1/2" total length, this watch wears like a bracelet or bangle.  The face is stainless steel, the strap is Nickel wire, hand spun, cut into jump rings, and linked in the Full Persian Chainmaille weave, accented with beautiful Sapphire blue Czech glass silver-lined beads.  The watch comes with a battery, the plastic safety tab is in place and intact.  Currently available in three styles, Square, Oval, and Round Watch Faces in the bead color of your choice.  The "Clever Clasp" is magnetic, two ends connect and are locked into place with a screw down barrell for a secure fit.

Custom Order:

It is an absolute pleasure when someone asks me to create something special for them.  The necklace below was created as a gift upon request.  The rings are Silver Plated, and woven in the Half-Persian 4-in-1 Chainmaille pattern.  Smaller in scale than the bracelets this is sleek and sinuous, but substantial enough to make feminine statement.  At 18" long this is a bit weighty, but not so heavy as to be uncomfortable.  Available in Silver Plated, Nickle, Jeweler's Bronze (aka Merlin's Gold),  Antiqued Copper or Bronze, and Gold Tone rings.

Silver Lining

Description:  18" total length. This sinuous and supple necklace is slinky, sensual, sleek and positively serpentine and it slides smoothy across the skin. Would look smashing with that little black dress or you can dress up that casual outfit with this simple but stunning chain.

Silver Plated metal wire is hand spun, cut and the linked jump rings are scaled down in size to create this feminine length of 4-in-1 Half Persian chainmaille weave pattern for a necklace. Finished with a Lobster Claw Clasp.

Available in a variety of metal choices, including Nickel, Sterling Silver Plate, Antiqued Bronze or Copper, and Gold Tone jewelry wires, upon request. Sizable and customizable!

NOTE:  Gunmetal Wire will no longer be offered.  Although it is pretty cool, and shiny, it has come to my attention that it is not a proper material for jewelry.  It does not stand up to wear, the color / coating will wear off and the wire apparently loses its shape.  Not good!  If you have purchased a Gunmetal Wire piece please contact me for details on replacement.

Thank you for stopping by and having a read.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant work week.

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