Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In My Studio - Earring Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!

Here we are in my studio, that must mean it's time for a project.  Wonder what I do at the workbench?   Wonder no more, below is  Earrings 101 a tutorial video. 

As promised, I have finally managed to create and upload a video on crafting a pair of very simple dangle earrings.  You can definitely try this at home!  The video covers, materials and how to's for finishing and attaching the parts and pieces to make and  complete a pair of earrings.

If you would like to participate along with the video or perhaps make a pair afterwards you will need the supplies listed.  Expensive tools and supplies are not required, you can find the wire cutters and other things at your local Walmart for about $5.00 each, I bet most you have pliers at home, those will work just fine.  Beads can be any material and color you like, you can also find the Headpins and things at a local craft store for around $2.00.

1 pair of Flat or Chain Nose Pliers
1 pair of Round Nose Pliers
1 pair of Wire Cutters

2 Head Pins
2 Fish Hook Style Ear Wires
2 4mm Jump Rings (optional)
Beads of your choice (any color, size, shape to your liking).

If you are experiencing problems watching the video on the blog you can also try clicking the links to your right or following them from the links below,

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There is no pdf or written instruction, if I have requests for this I will write one out for downloading later.

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial on creating a simple pair of earrings.

Thank you for stopping by and watching.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant Wednesday.

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