Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fifteen Fun Links For Jewelers and Crafters

Happy Friday to all of you!

The weekend is here, and just in time for lazing on a Sunday afternoon is a list of fifteen (15) fun and informative links for jewelers and crafters.  Some link to easy projects, others to supply stores and there is a surprise or two in store for those that complete the list.

SUPPLIES: (Looking at these sites could get a girl into trouble!)

Jewelry Findings, Genstones, Metals and Tools, I drool just thinking about it.

I like this supplier and order many of my beads from them.  Wide selection, nice variety, great customer service, and "Everything is Assortable" for discount prices on all orders!  Catalog is also available.  Express Ordering, Tips, Contests.  Check them out!

Just wow.  Lapidary Equipment, Jewelers tools and more.  A bit pricy on things, but really nice equipment.

Again a bit pricy, but well worth the peruse for the selection of item alone.  With an A to Z list and pdf / interactive flip through catalogs, there is a lot to look at and desire.

Beautiful Gemstones at affordable pries.  Wonderful selection and variety to choose from.


Many of you are aware of these, some of you may not be, below are a couple of links to some neat sites, where you can sell your items, or buy those wonderful handmade goodies!

This site is for sellers of handmade and vintage items.  You can find, Fine Art, Photopraphy, Arts and Crafts, and of course jewelery.  If you haven't check it out give a look see.  Accounts are free.  Just be sure to set up the appropriate account for you, either as a Buyer or a Seller.

This site is strictly for handmade items.  Jewelry is the bulk of the site, but look around and you can find cool knits, great toys for the kids, handmade books and a lot of other neat stuff.

Or you can check out:
Recently purchased by the good folks of Handmade Artsist (above) this neat site featuring more handmade items to look at and choose from.


Looking for a diversion on a sunny day?  Maybe you'd like to try your hand at one of these.

Cute, and super simple.  You can make one in an afternoon.

So simple a Caveman could do it!

They ain't kidding! Now it really is OK to play with your food!

Super simple fun project for any age.  More knot tying.  These instructions will teach you to make this pattern.

Want to try your hand at weaving Chainmaille?  This site lists free downloadable pdf instructions.

Surprise Link.  Oh go on, click it!  You know you want to...

This link will take you to a blog that gives clear and concise instructions on making these very pretty decorations.

Thank you for stopping and having a look and hurray, you made it to the end of the blog!  Hope that you found something to inspire or interest you!

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant weekend.

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