Friday, November 8, 2013

How To Use Rebelmouse

Good Morning,

Today we have a brief tutorial about a new Social Media site, Rebelmouse.  It is free, unless you wish to "Power Your Site" which is a paid service.

Rebelmouse is neat because you really don't have to do anything except sign up and choose which those accounts you wish to attach to it, and it does the rest automatically.

Let's have a look.

First things first, choose or decide if you want to sign up or sign in with a current account, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc... I sign in with the Twitter Account.

I have two pages with Rebelmouse one for The Alchemists Vessel and one for Little Shop of Artists, we will be using The Alchemists Vessel as an example.

This is the header or top of the page.  You can see the menu at the top.  You may add a photo, text and share buttons here.  Hover over the header and Click the EDIT button when it appears.

To edit this portion of your page click "Design" in the menu bar.
Here you may choose the way the page is laid out, text and fonts as well.  You may also choose to drag the POST button to your browser bar, this way you can even post to the page while surfing the web.

Next is Sites (although it is first in the tabs, do this second).
Enter your e-mail address, and select the sites that you would like to connect to Rebelmouse.  Here you can see The Alchemists Vessel Facebook page is connected, as well as the Twitter account. 
You can also see the section for the second page Little Shop of Artists.  What happens?  When you connect your Twitter, Facebook or other accounts, what you post there automatically posts on your Rebelmouse page. Just like magic.

This is the home page, here you can see that things I have tweeted, re-tweeted or posted have been published to the site.  The nice thing about Rebelmouse is that unlike twitter you can see full links and full-size photos right on the page, no clicking though to look at something.

You can also grab Goodies.  There is a "Follow Me on Rebelmouse" button to the right of this post in the menu bar, as well as banners and icons, like the one at the beginning of this post.

Rebelmouse is easy to set up and super simple to use sign up and let it do its thing.  Since half of the fun of using a new site is getting to search and look and fiddle around by oneself, I have given you just enough information to get started, there is much more that may appeal to you on the site.  Check them out, it is free and may be a better tool marketing or otherwise than current sites or groups.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.


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    1. Not intentionally, it just a neat little coinky-dink or as Bob Ross would say a "happy little accident".