Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Five Great Gifts to Give List 37

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Instead of Five Great Gifts, today we will look at five ways you can help others this Holiday Season.

Donate to your local Humane Society or Animal Shelter.  Food, Blankets, Toys, are always appreciated.  Contact your local shelter and ask what they may need in the way of supplies, every little bit helps.  If you have room in your home and your heart, you might also adopt a little furry friend of your very own. You could love them, and pet them, and call them, "George".

Idaho Humane Society Needed Items

"Miss Nora", the Boss-Lady Fur-person, adopted from the Idaho Humane Society in 2000.  Yes, she is 13 years-old. 
The Alchemist's Cat, or rather The Alchemist's Owner.

Donate a toy or your time to Toys for Tots.  Our economy is terrible, and many children do not get a Christmas or the opportunity to celebrate other Holidays.  There are lots of places that have inexpensive toys, dolls, books, race cars etc., that any child would love to call their own.

Coats For Kids:  When this California Girl moved from the sunny surf-washed beaches of San Fransisco, to the high desert of Idaho, she was not, I repeat NOT PREPARED for the Winter weather. Here in Idaho the Winters can be brutally cold, the temperatures can dip into the Below Zero degrees, -3, you bet that's COLD!    Not every place is as cold as Idaho, and many places get colder, this year (locally) Bruneel Tire Factory and Idaho Youth Ranch Stores are a couple of the donation locations here in the Treasure Valley Area.  Bring your gently used coats or outer wear and drop them off, the coats will be handed out during school hours to Elementary and older children.


Food Banks / Soup Kitchens:

When we think of Soup Kitchens or Food Banks many of us think of the old Depression Era images we have seen from books and History reels.  Just because we don't call it a Depression, don't think for a moment that this country isn't in serious trouble, there are hundreds, thousands, that go without a meal every day in this great and bountiful land of ours, let's make sure every one gets to eat at least once a day.  Donate canned goods, or your time to serve at one, for one weekend a month.

Senior Citizens are sometimes the most in need and usually the first to be forgotten.  There are so many things that one can do for our elders, the people that came before and paved the way for us to do and be what we are today!  There are lots of wonderful ways you can help a Senior, whether it be your own Parents, Grandparents or the Neighbor down the street, a small gift of your time can change a life and be worth it's weight in more than gold.  Here are some links to check out how you can help in your area.  Nursing homes, hospitals, other care facilities might be in need of volunteers to read to or just sit with and be company for those that are alone.  A trip to the grocery store, a ride to a doctor's appointment, simple things that cost you nothing but a bit of your time, and we can all afford to give some of it to someone else.

Seniors Helping Seniors
Seniors in Need
Boise Senior Center

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