Friday, November 9, 2012

Links, Promotions, Flea Market and Sale

Good Morning,

Today's blog is super short because I have to pack and prepare for set-up at the Market today.

The Treasure Valley Flea Market is this weekend, and unless you live under a rock, you are aware that it is also the last Market of the 2012, and the last one before the Holidays start in earnest.

Can't make the Market?  You can always find us on the web.

The Alchemists Vessel on
The Alchemists Vessel official Website

I know Etsy is very popular, however with all that is going on with the site, I am debating shutting down the shop.  There are several factors and a final decision has not been made, but I encourage you to see what has to offer, and not just my shop.  There are a lot of talented and fabulous artists, and everything is hand made.  Paintings, Hand-bound Books, Sculpture, Mosaics, Fabric Craft (Knitting, Crochet, etc), the list goes on.  Buyer accounts are always free, and a unique gift is better than mass-produced crap from China.  

SALE:  In light of that there is a sale on at The Alchemists Vessel on Etsy.  Many of the prices in the shop have been reduced and when you enter the coupon code: HOLIDAY10 at check out, you will receive an additional 10% off your total purchase.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant weekend.

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