Friday, November 30, 2012

Links, Promotions and a New Look

Happy Friday!

Surprise.  Yes, the blog has a new look.  The old template was getting rather boring, and I needed a change, and change can be good.  Freshen and liven things up a little bit.  A links and photo gallery page have also been added.

Other things are also getting a face lift.  The banners and cover photos for sites and pages will be changing as well as some of what The Alchemists Vessel has to offer.

Levity is required on occasion.  I would like to introduce you to my boss, the Design Coordinator, Art Director and Quality Control Department Manager, Miss Nora, The Overseer.

The Overseer.  Making sure I'm doing it right.
Do you know about On Fire for Handmade?, is a little like an enormous artisan catalog on the web.  Shops, Treasuries, Contests, Blogs,  and if your an artist the Gift Guide is the place to be seen!  Supporting artisans world wide.

It's Better Handmade, run but the same folks who operate and partner with many other sites of like kind around the web including Handmadeology.

About IBH: It’s Better Handmade (IBH) is comprised of crafters and artists in all types of mediums who come together to support each other both personally through growing friendships as well as in business through advice, support, critiques and discussions.  Each member brings different gifts to the table both artistically and business minds and by creating a centralized place for them to come together, each artist can continue to learn and grow in both art and business.
It's Better Handmade!
Check them out:

Today I am at the workbench, as you can see above there is neating up to be done.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant weekend.

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