Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday - Etsy Wholesale, Silver and Artifical Diamonds

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Thursday are reserved for the Blog Ring Featured Artist from  This Thursday, I have been chosen as the artist, so instead of posting about myself I thought I would share a couple of videos and discuss Etsy's foray into Wholesale.  It's not what you may think.

First up the videos:

Silver - How Its Made

Artificial Diamonds

Etsy Wholesale:

I know a lot of folks have been very upset about this lately, but actually it looks like it may be a good thing.

After reading the Etsy News Blog article "Etsy Wholesale on the Horizon", I sort of understand what it is they are doing, and don't worry this doesn't mean the end of your Shop, or that it will be swallowed in a sea of Made-in-China cheapies, or even that Etsy is going to knock the small independent handmade artist off the site because they will be unable to keep up with the fees or quantities required by retailers.

A couple of points I would like to make, or you may read the article, it explains it better than I am able.  In short this is what is happening.  In Spring of 2012 Etsy acquired a site called Trunkt. I have no idea what this site was about.  The owner of Trunkt, Dev Tandon, now works for Etsy, and the Lifetime Members of his site are being integrated into Etsy Wholesale Marketplace.  You can sign up to learn more at the link provided.

This new venture is apparently "Etsy 2", a separate and private site where Wholesalers (those shops that have a ton of items) can connect with retailers who want to purchase quantities not necessarily available via a smaller independent shop.   Doesn't sound so bad.

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