Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In My Studio - Random Thoughts

Hello there,

I did not have anything specific in mind for today's blog, thought about a couple of subjects, but they just didn't seem to grab me.  So I'm just gonna ramble I think.  Gotta post something.

I had an excellent conversation with my good friend, and incredible sculptor, Ralph Cordero of RGC Studios, you can find his work on Etsy under Twisted Little Things.   I actually own a couple of those gruesome cuties!  We discusses the state of employment for artists, what's available and what's not, and what to do or how to re-create your offerings to appeal to the masses, or get that coveted job that was applied for.  The industry is full of kids just graduating from their respective colleges and looking for work that doesn't exist.  Competition is tough in an industry job-market that is already overrun with want-to-bes.  So what does the established artist do when this happens?  That is a conundrum.

First of all you sit down on your tushie and git that hamster on the wheel, and start thinking about how to create interest and drive customers to your site, shop, table, display, store, or what have you.  Contemplate, evaluate, decide, rearrange, organize, and have a cup of coffee in the middle of all that, narrow your focus to laser-beam precision and begin the process of elimination or addition to make the items stand out, or to make it all happen.

After attending the Treasure Valley Flea Market this weekend, I sat down and did some serious thinking and reorganization as well as re-evaluating and deciding what to do about the lack-luster performance in sales.  Several things have come to mind and may be worth passing along.  

The economy is terrible right now,  Just awful, this is an obvious given, no one is blind to the fact that gas is now creeping up over $4.00 a gallon, again, and with that goods and services are also going up, which leaves little money for the aspirational (not necessary) things like art, and jewelry.

The Treasure Valley Flea Market occurs once a month, I have attended since 2005, I have been a regular vendor at Booth #28 for seven years.  I see the same vendors and the same customers every show, occasionally there will be something new to see, but for the most part it is the same stalls over and over again.   I have come to the conclusion that I have run the gamete at this particular venue.  

In the interest of keeping myself sane and my bank account in the black, I will be reducing the number of TVFMs I attend.  I will of course be attending October and November Markets, however during the 2013 Season, I will perhaps attend one Market, and one Market only.  Save those pennies, because The Alchemists Vessel will only be there once.

There will also be several changes coming to The Alchemists Vessel as well.  We will still provide quality off the rack jewelry, but the focus will be on high end One Of A Kind pieces, and not your average everyday manufactured comes-in-everything department store jewelry.

The website will also see some changes, as well as a complete and well stocked items page for your shopping pleasure.  The shop The Alchemists Vessel , will also be seeing some changes as we add to and remove some items listed on the site.  I know many people get lost on Etsy or e-Bay with the overwhelming amount of products there are to peruse.  We will also be closing the Cafe Press shop.  There isn't any traffic and even though it is free, there is no sense in monitoring or putting energy into something that is not performing as one would have liked.

A quick reminder, Halloween is coming up and we have cool themed items in the Ravens Nook for your costume or just for fun.  Spiders, bats, skulls, black and orange gemstone beads, ooooo spooky!  Blog readers this is a special for you!  Starting October 01, 2012, there will be a coupon code for 20% off all themed items in the shop.  Bookmark your favorites now and come back and get them when they are on sale later! 

OK, I think I have run out of random stuff to discuss.  Tomorrow's blog will feature a fellow Handmade Artists jewelry designer.

Thank you for stopping in and having a read.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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