Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In My Studio Project Pandemonium


Wednesday greets Idaho a little grey today.  In hope that means more rain to clear some of the smoke from the fires that are still burning in the area.

I have several projects going on in the studio and sharing is always good.

After last weeks tutorial I couldn't help but try my hand at a Micro Maille version of the Jens Pind weave.  After working out an appropriate AR of 2.92 I have come up with pretty and sleek 7-1/2" length of Sterling Silver Plated (over brass) Chain.  I am unsure if I want to leave it at its current length or continue and create a necklace instead.  There are endless possibilities as I look at the unfinished piece.

Shown here wrapped around a quarter for size comparison.  This weave, like most, is supple, strong, and makes for lovely jewelry.

Hand cut jump rings have an angular or almost mitered end when snipped with wire cutters, this is called pinch cutting. 

After reading another post on a Forum, I began searching for something called Alcohol Inks.  These are nifty little inks that will color metal.  Shake the object up in a bag with a little of the ink or dab it on with a sponge applicator.  I practiced on two aluminum bells (any metal will work).   My friend, who is also a jewelry designer, graciously allowed me to try the pieces below for fun.  She too has recently discovered this interesting way to add a bit of color to her designs.

Red Bell

Purple Bell
This is a messy process, even thought the ink dries fairly quickly, your fingers will get inky, the table top will get inky, and your clothes will get inky.  You can even mix or ink over other colors to create really pretty effects.  The metal maintains a shine when the ink dries, a plus.  These bells really ring, too.

There are a couple of other projects in the works as well. Working on creating a complimentary something for the cast flower,  the next Flea Market is just around the corner, and preparations for that are happening as well.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant rest of the week.

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