Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Glass Beads and Charm Bracelets - In My Studio

Good Morning,

Wednesday is here, half way through the work week!

This morning, I would like to show a selection of available bead colors, and styles.  I would also like to introduce a new item as well.  I suppose I could save them for Monday, but I am excited about these.

These are new, customizable, and sizable.  I have a selection of Sterling Silver Plated Charms from which I have created two Charm bracelets.   When I was a girl, everyone I knew had a charm bracelet or one of the those Charm Hanger necklaces that were so popular.  They are making a comeback this year, and I hope for years to come.  Below, one in a Rockabilly theme, that I just think is absolutely adorable, and one for myself.  More charms are always being added to the stock selection.  Drop us an e-mail and see if we have your favorites, or stop by the shop and select a pre-made beauty with room enough to add your own collection of charms later.

7-1/4" in length is "Rockabilly Betty", a theme bracelet with Chinese Coin, Dice (they move individually), Skull and Crossbones, Motorcycle and a Humming Bird or Sparrow charm.

Created for me, rarely do I make things for myself, but I just could not resist making a fun piece to wear when I go out.  Also to show more of the charms that are currently in stock.
Counterclockwise: Leaping Frog, Chinese Coin, Dinosaur, Seahorse, Initial K, Western Style Gecko, Initial A, Cow Skull, Airplane, Violin and a Penguin.

We also have earrings that have Dragons, Pegasus, Drum Kits, Frog Princes, Swans, and more that are also in stock and available for bracelets. 

Frog Prince, one of my favorites!
Sterling Silver Plated, highly detailed charms are available in a variety of things.


All beads shown have been used in the creation of Chain Maille Bracelets and Necklaces that are currently in the shop. Still don't see your favorite color?  Special orders are welcome.  Many of these are available in Birthstone colors or would make a fun alternative in, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Silver Lined Crystal, Emerald, Gold (Topaz), Pearl (White), Ruby, January or July Birthdays, Sapphire,

 Clockwise:  Czech Glass in Cyrstal Blue Lined, Aqua, Crystal, Amethyst Aurora Borealis finish beads.  These prism in the light, blues, purples, greens, appear and disappear across the surface of the beads.

Clockwise: Czech Glass in Sapphire (mix), Black and Pearl Luster finish beads.  These are opaque with a lustrous sheen.

Clockwise: Silver Lined Czech Glass in Black Diamond, Emerald, Crystal, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Ruby.

Clockwise: Gold, Red, Green, Pink, Blue.  These are translucent, unlined colored class beads.  Very pretty, solid colors.

Clockwise: Czech Glass in, Orange, Red, Copper, Bronze, Silver and green in the middle.  These are opaque, solid colors.

Sterling Silver and Silver Plated items are available to build that special piece just for you.

E-mail us for a complete list of materials, including metal and semi-precious gemstone stock.  If we don't have it, we can order it.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.


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