Friday, April 20, 2012

Promotions and Links Friday

Happy Friday!

The weekend is upon us and I would like to thank my friend, Terry, for tending to the blog and other things this week!  She has done a fabulous job!  I'll return to my regularly scheduled duties next week.  This post is copied and pasted, so please excuse any errors.

Let's jump right in to the PROMOTIONS!

There is a new place to shop with The Alchemists Vessel.  I must admit Etsy is pretty crowded and I feel rather lost in fray.  There is a new venue and it is almost just like Etsy, There are some major difference, but for the most part, well why don't you y'all have a look see.  You can check out the Mini Shop in the menu or you can follow the link provided.  Of course you have to have an account, but looking is always free and doesn't require an account.

Sellers Note:  If you like the site, as it has less shops currently than Etsy, I have been open about 24 hours, have just 15 items up for sale, and have had over 1,000 views in that time on the site itself.  255 on a single item alone.  The site apparently gets traffic.  It is $5.00 a month with no listing fees, for sellers, that's cheaper than Etsy, depending on your listings @$0.20 per item.  Buyers, of course, your account is FREE.

Unlike Etsy, when you list an item, you see it on the home page!  That is awesome, no treasuries, no nonsense!  Of course when a new item is posted you get jostled around, but your item can be up for several hours!  It pays to list often or everyday, apparently.  Connect to your Facebook fan page, Youtube, blog and personal or business website.  Set up is quick fast and easy!  I like it!  I will admit it has a draw back, at 75 x 75 a picture image (you get four total), the image quality is, how shall I say, not so good.  Disappointed with that.  Some experimentation may be required to figure out the proper photo size for posting on the site to eliminate the blur.

We now have a tumblr blog (because it was required for something else).  Unfamiliar with the set up and not exactly comfortable with the user control panel or Dashboard, there is little content. However if you like tumblr or have a blog, give a follow over there.   The Alchemists Vessel on tumblr.  I intend to keep content different or as separate as possible, to keep things fresh on both Blogs.

And we have a Dailymotion site as well.  I intend to post tutorial videos there as well.  Those of you that either do not have access to, or dislike Youtube can look for the Daily Motion video's soon.  Although you can link Facebook and Daily Motion I haven't done so yet, I want to see how this goes what else can be done before I begin to repeat myself ad nauseum.

We also have a new "favcon", for those of you that are following the blog, you should now see this picture or a very tiny version thereof when you click the link.

New links to these pages have been added where appropriate.  The sidebar menu, other pages, Google + pages, etc.

One more link for you all.  This is interesting and I urge you to read at least one of the articles.  Either the Etsy CSI Team Cracks Down On Rule-Breakers or the blog post by an Etsy Seller that had her shop closed by Etsy Administration.  Eye opening and important stuff!  Give it a read.   Handmadeology Article

Thank you all for stopping and having a look!  The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant and joyous weekend!


  1. Great post! I have met some really great people through the Handmade Artist Forum!

  2. Good Afternoon… Welcome to! My name is Cari and I am a member, you won’t find any other site like them! They are all about HANDMADE! Andrew, Kimberly and the Handmade Artists Crew (all the members) are supporting something grand! HANDMADE ARTISTS! Nice to meet you and see you around the forum!


  3. Welcome to the madness of the HandmadeArtists! We are young and growing by leaps and bounds and are always looking for talent like yours.

  4. Fabulous post about HAF!! So glad you have joined us over there....the more the merrier!

  5. Welcome to the forum and shop! Really Nice chainmaille!