Monday, April 23, 2012

Party and Prom Parures - New in the Shop

Happy Monday to all!

I would like to once again thank Terry for handling the blog posts and the internet responsibilities while I was doing other things that required my attention.  She did a fabulous job and I appreciate it.

It is that time of year, parties, picnics and proms are right around the corner and The Alchemists Vessel has some absolutely beautiful accessories to punch up the punch bowl patron's attire, or have them swooning at that Summer soiree.  No Prom attendee should go dancing without a gorgeous parure fit for the Prom Queen in a matching or contrasting color of her dress, or perhaps to match her date's dashing accents of color, tie and cummerbund.

These are created with the Half-Persian 3-in-1 Chain Maille weave, in choker (14" - 15"), collar (16"), and necklace (up to 18") lengths that drape the decolletage and accentuate the lovely curve of throat and shoulders.

The choker below, dubbed Phoenix Phire, is full of passion in that just right fiery red that looks stunning on everybody!  The beads glow with an inner warmth and sparkle of their own, absolutely outstanding when worn.  The chain is crafted from Silver Plated wire, and red Silver Lined Czech glass beads.  This item may be found on Etsy by following the link above.  It comes with matching earrings, arrives boxed, ready for gift giving. 

Would make a stunning and attractive present for a January or July birthday.

Here we see it in Sapphire Czech Glass beads, labeled "Luster" these shine and gleam in any light and are a wonderful deep blue color.

Upon the recommendation of a fellow Shop Owner, I tried different backgrounds while taking photos, and wouldn't you know it!  My memory card winds up full after only three photos of this stunning beauty.  I think the garden lion statue is a no go, but for the blog, it is fun and an interesting segue to the usual tailored gray board I use.

I do love this color!  Would make a wonderful September Birthstone alternative.

After new batteries and background change, we have a couple of more photos for you. 

Matching Earrings are included.

 Emerald Czech Glass Beads and Silver Plated wire are used to create this version of the choker.  14" long, the makes a nice band just above the decolletage around the throat.

Earrings too!

Also available in Amethyst (aurora borealis finish), Aquamarine, Silver lined Black, Matte Black, Crystal Blue lined, and Pink beads.  More colors are available, we are awaiting shipment!

Don't forget, custom work is available!  Convo us using the Etsy Shop's contact link, send us an e-mail, check us out on Facebook, find us on Google + leave a comment here.  We'd love to hear from you!  (Even if you're not placing an order).

Thank you for stopping by.  We would like to wish you a pleasant and enjoyable week!

**REMEMBER:  Metal is heavy, and even though these are light and lacy in appearance, adding additional rings and glass beads will add weight to the piece.  18" is long enough to hang below a collar, but not too heavy as to feel like you are wearing armor (which you are, by the way).  I would also like to mention that in no way will these delicate jewelry pieces protect you from anything, bullets, knives, sharp, or dull sticks, and Cupid's arrows included!

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