Monday, April 9, 2012

What's New In The Shop? Beads and Bracelets

Happy Monday!

Is everyone ready for a fabulous work week filled with fun and excitement?  No?  Can't say as I blame you.  Busy with Easter activities last weekend and inspired by spring and the beautiful things mother nature has to offer, I sat down, racked my alleged mind, and came up with these Springtime festive and fashionable beaded beauties! Yes, they are available in the shop!  Finally something new!

First, however, I would like to give an example of the weave without all the additional beads.  Although jewelry is a very forgiving medium / art form that allows you to play with ideas and styles, patterns, textures and colors, the traditional pattern must be incorporated as a basis from which to start.  So let us begin at the beginning, as that is usually best.

Here we see the Full Persian Chain Maille weave, completed in 6mm *Nickle silver jump rings, which have been hand spun and linked.  A strong, supple, and striking pattern, it is appropriate for either men or women.  Would make a great gift for a Boyfriend!

I should mention that "Nickle Silver" is not Silver, and has no Silver content at all.  Also called "German" or "Indian" Silver it is actually an alloy containing copper, nickle and zinc.
The usual formulation is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc.  


These next two pretties are designs and patterns of my own creation.  Full Persian Chain Maille is not usually beaded, but the creativity bug grabbed me and said, "You SIMPLY MUST bead these bracelets".  So like a good Craft-person, I listened to my inner muse and went with its decision.  After all if I didn't, it would annoy, pester, harass, harangue me, and be a nuisance in general until I did so.

Dubbed "Chunk Maille" for their large size, which is all the rage this season.  Big, bold, colorful jewelry or statement pieces, are very in vogue this year.  I have created two distinct patterns for these bracelets, Walking Beads and Serpents Spine.  Although I am sure other Maillers have thought of this before, I haven't seen / found an exact pattern to match.

Done in Black and Red Silver lined Czech Glass beads, is March of the Lady Bug, in honor of my friend Shelly Moody.  The beads appear to walk, or march across the surface of the bracelet a versatile pattern the beads may also be worn "in front" instead of on "the top" for a different look.  The Walking Bead pattern is available in a variety of colors, single or multiple as seen here.

This is one of my favorites and has two versions, the second is not shown here, and is a basic bead addition to another version of the Full Persian where a single connector ring is beaded.  That pattern will be shown later.  Serpents Spine is modeled after Dragons, Sea Serpents / Monsters (Nessie!), and of course, snakes.  The beads appear to be tucked or set inside the bracelet.  Using even intervals of non-beaded units to allow the pattern to flow and move, the beads appear to undulate through the bracelet like something through the water, a snake in the grass, or a Dragon in the clouds.

We also have some new Chain Maille Earrings and some fun and simple jewelry for those that like something a little more understated, but still shiny.  Shown here in Gunmetal jump rings in Dragon Chain and Byzantine weaves, and Red round glass beads, these are also available in a variety of shapes and colors.  At $5.00 a pair and Free Shipping, you can't go wrong!

Chain Maille Dangles 
Red Dragon


Light Blue Splatter Paint Glass Beads (Also available in Purple)

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.  We wish you a pleasant work week.

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