Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Four Great Gifts To GIve 4/03/12


Here we are another Tuesday and another list of Gifts suggestions. I am shy one gift today, it has either been sold or the Artist has removed the post from the thread.  Let's hope it has been sold!  Without further ado, some cool things for gift giving.

Rivdom Art offers these Gemini Wood Burned Earrings

Gemini Zodiac Sign is one of my series of "The 12 signs of the Zodiac" on each very unique woodburned and hand painted earrings.
The front of the earrings gathers my work -pyrography/wood burning, and my daughter's color work, in a mixed media technique called colored pyrography. The colors used by Andrea are very close to those of the birthstones under the Gemini Zodiac Sign:deep green, orange and yellow watercolors and acrylics.

The back of these cute earrings has the symbol of this zodiac, enhanced by the dark shading / woodburning.

Both sides have been sealed with clear polyurethane for protection and beauty.

This thick 20 gauge sterling silver guitar pick is patterned from an actual, functional guitar pick. All my guitar picks are made with thick sterling silver. You will not find this kind of quality and affordability anywhere else.

The perfect gift for the "Rock Star" in your life.

Personalize with your favorite song lyrics, quote, names, phrase, monogram or anything you can dream up!

Comes with a leather Dunlop Pick Holder Key Ring to keep your guitar pick in reach when ever you may need it!


Now here's a cool idea that you can make your self for any one.


Daily Dose of Love Jars - Found this on the net, but it would easy and simple to make one of your own.  Take an empty Jar, decorate it, fill it will notes, reasons you love them, funny sayings, private jokes and give it to some one.  They can open the jar and take out a "gift" every day!



Red Envelope has some pretty cool ideas on Gifts for Men, which always stumps me.  Check them out if your Husband or Boyfriend is coming up on a birthday.  The Key Chain is my favorite.

That is all for this Tuesday.  In hope that the week continues to bring new and exciting things your way!


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