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Featured Artist: Yankee Burrow

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Today I would like to share with you a wonderful artist, my friend, Debbi Huntington of Yankee Burrow.   Debbi is one busy lady, from handcrafting her own designs and items, to spiffing up that unique vintage piece or attending her local Evening Flea Market, tending the chickens (yes, she has chickens), or her grandchildren.  Somehow she finds the time to blog, support other artists and lends a hand on The CraftStar.

Aren't you lucky blog readers.  Debbi has a SALE going on right now... Enter the code sale20 and receive a 20% discount at checkout.

From fun and adorable items for children to cool and sophisticated gifts for adults, Yankee Burrow has a little bit of everything.  Let's have a look.

This years must have fashion color is Radiant Orchid and this is one of the cutest purses I have seen in a long time.  Handmade, crocheted, a skill that eludes me, I just love this bag.

Radiant Orchid Lilac Beaded Handbag Shoulder Purse

This soft purple handbag is a great fashion accessory for this summer months.  Crocheted in a pattern I have had since the 80's, I modified it by adding the front flap and shortening the strap. The plastic pony beads are worked into the crochet pattern, not sewn on, so there is no worry about the beads popping off from daily use.  In fact, the bag I created way back then is still in use today.  I added a nice fabric lining to this bag so you won't have to worry about combs or pens or anything getting caught, or sticking out, while carrying this bag.
It measures 12 1/2" wide and 10 1/2" deep and is crocheted with Germantown worsted yarn - 100% pure virgin wool.
Handwash in lukewarm water and gentle soap, roll in a towel and then lay flat to dry.

What little Gryffindor boy or girl wouldn't just adore wearing these slippers and roaring around as they chase the Snitch about the house?

Lion Head Slippers Crocheted for Children

I crocheted these adorable stuffed lion slippers for my newest grandson, and I also want to share them with you and your loved little ones.
I first made slippers for all my children when they were little, and after my grandson was born, I pulled out his fathers lion slippers and wanted to re-create them for the baby.  My son actually wore his slippers until he was 16, and as you can see by the picture, he can still fit into them.  I save most everything related to crafting, but I did not have the original pattern for these slippers, but after a short internet search, I found the book on a vintage shop.  It's a Leisure Arts Craft Leaflet by Sur Penrod dated 1986.  My son was thrilled to carry on this tradition with his son.
Let me create a new heirloom for your baby with made to order slippers.  You can choose from a lion, tiger, dog, bunny, cat, panda, bear, and mouse.  Each pair is made to order to fit your child, so please give me about 2 weeks to complete your order.  And at the time of check out, please leave me a comment with the measurement of the child's foot.  4 1/2" is small, 6 1/2" is medium, and 8 1/2" is large, but I can adjust the slipper to fit any foot size, (within reason). 

 How cool is this?

Vintage Geiger Counter Detect-Ore GC.111

I can't remember exactly when or where we first discovered this wonderful vintage geiger counter, but  I do believe it is from WWII.  There is a section where you can hook up a phone and a section where you can hook up a geiger counter, which leads me to believe that this is a multi-purpose item.  I could not find anything on-line that even remotely resembles this one.  So if you are a collector of war memorabilia, you need this for your collection.


Now here is something truly unique and different.


Yellow Abalone Shell Pendant Vintage

I found this beautiful yellow color abalone shell (I think) pendant at a local consignment shop, and quickly snatched it up.  It was dirty and tarnished, but still the golden color shone through, so I took it home and cleaned it up.  I strung it on a simple cord and ribbon necklace that measures 18" from end to end with a 2" extension.  The pendant itself measures 1 1/2".
There is no marking on the silver so I could not do much research on it, and since I am not a gemologist, I can not guarantee that the stone is abalone shell, but that is what other, more knowledgeable, jewelers have suggested.
Regardless, this is a beautiful piece of vintage jewelry.

What else does she have hidden away in her treasure trove?

Charm Bracelets and classic style jewelry is making a comeback this season and Debbi has gorgeous pieces in her shop.

copper angels beaded charm bracelet

Pretty copper angels playing their musical instruments hang from this brown and crystal beaded bracelet.  Using 6mm and 4mm chocolate brown beads and 4mm clear crystals, this bracelet measures 7 1/2".


These would be wonderful for dressy date night or the office.  Classic, chic and easily paired with everything in your wardrobe.


black tear drop with white pearls earrings

Beautiful black teardrop beads are accented with delicate white pearl beads and black bicone beads to create this classic and feminine fashion accessory every woman needs.  At 2 1/2" long, they stand out without overwhelming your complete "look", and utilizing hypo-allergenic nickle free plated lever back hooks, you don't have to worry about sensitivity.  You'll feel elegant with these earrings.


Thank you for stopping in and having a look.  In hope inspiration strikes to do a little Windows shopping and see what else this talented lady has in her shop.


You can find, follow and friend Yankee Burrow at the following links.

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