Thursday, January 17, 2013

Above The Strain

Good Morning,

This morning, as I read forum threads, another member of the community wrote this wonderful and thoughtful statement.  

It pretty much sums up the current situation of Artists and entrepreneurs everywhere. 

"As I read the thoughts and experiences of those having a difficult time, I am reminded of an old friend who had had a rough life.  He was now an old man and internationally known for his blues piano talents but that never translated into much money.  He had a favorite phrase he liked to use when he spoke of financial difficulty.  He expressed it as, “I just want to live above the strain.”  I thought that was a unique way of seeing life.  It gives one so many more options that the phrase, “Keeping my head above water,” that seems so fatal if one’s head goes under.  The measure of strain Vs comfort seemed a better measure of life.  No doubt the forces of greed and empire have returned to roost and are affecting our daily economic lives and show no signs of letting up anytime soon.  Now we are seeing the emergence of a new economy and those who are enriching their lives by simplifying and disengaging from the big box life, when appropriate.  There is now a rebirth of community and values of cooperation and reciprocity.  Handmade fits the new communitarian lifeway and the HAF community is a good place to be during these times, where thoughts can be shared and insights gained to help us through this transformation. We are laying the groundwork for the new future and I wish everyone here well as we make the adjustments to the new realities so that we can live our lives above the strain.  Best wishes to all."  ~Sam

You can find Sam at Sunworx

This is what Sam does

Solar Jar Painted Tropical Fish on Frosted Pint Ball Jar 

Solar Jar Painted Tropical Fish on Frosted Pint Ball Jar
Solar Jar Painted Tropical Fish on Frosted Pint Ball Jar Solar Jar Painted Tropical Fish on Frosted Pint Ball Jar Solar Jar Painted Tropical Fish on Frosted Pint Ball Jar Solar Jar Painted Tropical Fish on Frosted Pint Ball Jar
Solar Jar Painted Tropical Fish on Frosted Pint Ball Jar
Product Details:
This lovely solar jar painted tropical fish  on a frosted pint Ball Jar is beautiful in both day and night.  Pebeo glass translucent paints were used to paint the jar.  After painting it was heated to more permanently affix the paint.  A very high quality glass coating was then applied to protect the art work. 
A solar engine with an on off switch was then glued to a laser precision cut painted mounting shelf.  The finished shelf then sits on top of the jar and is fastened tightly with a Ball wide mouth lid. 
A special small fitted lens cap designed to distribute the light from the led a full 360 degrees is affixed around the LED for more even distribution of light.
Two small holes are diamond drilled into the bottom of the jar that serve two important functions.  Both heat and moisture is evacuated through these small holes to extend the life of the solar engine and also provide carefree maintenance.
 The dimensions are approximately 4 inches wide and 4 inches tall.  The art work is painted on all four sides.  The solar jar painted tropical fish on a frosted pint ball jar will make a lovely addition to your home or one of a kind handmade gift that people love.  

Thank you all for stopping by and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day. 


  1. “I just want to live above the strain".This is a much better way saying it. Thank you for sharing this. Sunworx has a wonderful way with words and I love is solar jars.

  2. I love this post as I did the post on the forum. What a great and new way for me at least to look at things. I thank you Alix and Sam. Sharing.