Monday, May 5, 2014

Three New Items from The Alchemists Vessel

Good Morning,

Today I would like to share three new items available in the shop, The Alchemists Vessel.

My favorite inspired piece for this week is:

Shield Maiden Chainmaille Viperscale Necklace

Description: Evoking a primitive mood and Viking Sagas, this Viperscale chainmaille collar is a powerful statement piece, fit for any Shield-Maiden or Valkyrie. Perhaps won as a prize in an exhibition of skill, plundered loot, or a gift from a Chieftain in honor of her service, this unusual necklace is sure to be a trophy for any woman. The pendant resembles a shield, and is cut with a star-like embellishment that mimics a Celtic design. Supple and strong, sensational and slinky, this gorgeous piece will last a life time and the contrasting silver and gunmetal rings will make coordinating your wardrobe simple and easy.

Perfect for fans of the TV Show "Vikings", Fantasy Film or Event attire, Cos-play, SCA, LARP, Role-playing costumes, "Game of Throne" fans or those that would like something different and unique treasure in their jewelery box.

17" long. The silver tone pendant is 1-1/2" wide x 1-3/4" tall and backed with a wood-look lightweight plastic base. Hand crafted from Silver-plated and Gunmetal (coated) rings, hand linked in the Viperscale Chainmaille weave. Finished with a double strand silver-plated square Hook and Eye clasp.

A favorite weave of maillers is Dragonscale, a deceptively intricate pattern that resembles reptilian or fish-like scales.  

Aura Dragonnscale Chainmaille Bracelet

Description: Gorgeous and golden. This beautiful Dragonscale pattern bracelet is elegant and understated. A wonderful and welcome addition to any jewelry box. Versatile and unique this substantial band of gold and silver will coordinate well with everything in your closet. The Office Suit, Date Night Dress Up or a Casual Weekend Get Away, this stunning piece can accompany you anywhere you choose to go. Gold rings encircle silver ones, creating a lovely sunny aura about your wrist. Would make a great and wonderful Bridal bracelet or Wedding set.

Perfect for Fantasy Film or Event attire, Cos-play, SCA, LARP or Role-playing costume needs. Fun for fans of "Game of Thrones" or History Channel "Vikings" fans.

7.5" long and 1"wide. Hand crafted from 14Kt Gold-plated and Silver plated (over brass) jump rings, secured with a Gold-plated Slide clasp for a comfortable fit.

Fafnir Dragonscale Chainmaille Bracelet


Description: An homage to the mighty dragon that once guarded the gold of a Norse king, this stunning cuff bracelet is sure to be an added treasure to your own jewelry horde. The contrasting metals makes this an easy piece to match with everything in your closet, from Office Suits to Date Night Dresses, this is a gorgeous accessory for any occasion. Luxurious and supple, this lovely band shines and sparks in the light.

Warrior Queen to Princess in Training, Shield Maiden to Lady of the Manor, this is a terrific adornment. Perfect for Cos-play, Fantasy Film or Event attire, SCA, LARP, or Role-playing costuming needs.

8" total length including clasp, 1" wide. Crafted from 482 (four-hundred and eighty-two) Silver-plated and 14Kt Gold-plated (over brass) jump rings, hand linked in the beautiful Dragonscale Chainmaille Pattern. Finished with a Gold-plated Slide clasp for secure fit.


Thank you for stopping in and having a look.  In hopes that inspiration may strike you to take a look at what else is in the shop.


The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.