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New In The Shop: An Unkindness of Ravens

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Last weekend I received some neat and unique components for creating jewelry.  I spent time creating accompaniments or fitting the design together for truly interesting and one of a kind  adornments.

A group of Ravens, depending on where there are or what they are doing may be called, a Constable of Ravens, this usually refers to the ravens kept captive at the Tower of London, it is thought that their flight encircling the tower protects the Crown (the country).  Raven groups are also called a Conspiracy or an Unkindness, ravens are highly territorial and will sometimes attack other birds or ravens not of their flock, long ago this was looked as an unkindness in the animal kingdom.

Ravens Nook, has it's own unkindness that conspires to bring out the darker side of your fashion choices.  Currently available:

Ravens Leash Chainmaille Collar Viperscale Bird Skull Silver and Gunmetal Necklace Pendant

This gorgeous collar is fascinating and lavish. One of three limited edition pendant designs, a beautiful length of Viperscale Chainmaille fashions a remarkably deceptive and attractive intricate pattern of contrasting gunmetal and silver plated jump rings. Accented with a big, bold, and bright silver plated raven / bird skull pendant. Perfect for Goth, Rocker, Film or Fantasy Event attire, Cos-play or LARP costuming needs. Versatile and easily paired with a chic weekend date night outfit or casual jeans and t-shirt.

Chain is 16.5" including clasp. 18g gunmetal and silver-plated jump rings are woven in the Viperscale Chainmaille pattern and finished with a matching silver-plated square hook and eye style clasp.

Pendant is 1-3/4" x 3/4" silver-plated over brass, hollow back and lightweight.


Raven Charm Stainless Steel Chainmail Necklace

A Ravens Nook exclusive. Big, bold and bright, this strong and simplified necklace makes a great statement piece without being overwhelming. One of a limited selection of three pendants, this stylized Raven / Bird skull is perfect for Goth or Rocker fashions, Film or Fantasy Event Attire, Cos-play or LARP costume needs. Amulet, Charm, Talisman, or just a really interesting pendant, this unique piece is sure to spice up any wardrobe.

Appropriate for men or women. Elegant, exciting, weird and wonderful all in one powerful pendant.

Chain is 18" long including clasp, and is woven with 18g Stainless Steel jump rings in a twisted double link pattern. Finished with a Lobster Claw and Tab clasp.

Pendant is 1-3/4" x 3/4", silver plated over brass, with hollow back making it lightweight.

Time For Ravens Bronze Raven Pendant Necklace

Unique and interesting this stylized raven / bird skull pendant is antiqued to bring out the flower and vine detail along the surface of the piece. The raven hangs beneath a lovely bronze bi-cone glass bead and topped with a pretty, decorative cap. A small watch face charm backs the piece and stamped hands show the time at a quarter to midnight. Perfect for Steampunk, Rocker or Gothic fashions. Would make a great costume accessory for film or Cos-play needs.

Chain is 18" long.
Pendant - 1=3/4" long to beak tip. Tip is not sharp.


 Snow Raven Silver and Gemstone Necklace and Earring Set Genuine Snow Quartz Crystal Silver Plated Bird Skull Jewelry Set One Of A Kind


A rare and beautiful creature, white ravens do exist and may be found on Qualicum Beach, a town on the island of Vancouver, British Columbia. One of a kind, fashionable and unique, this antiqued silver plated raven / bird skull is just right for the secrets hidden in the deeper mysteries of Night. A perfect accompaniment to Gothic gowns of black lace, or leather-clad rockers up on stage, this sensational piece is sure to draw applause or oohs and ahs. Offset that black outfit with a subtle hint of shiny contrast.

Necklace is a total of 23-3/4" long from Clasp to pendant tip (beak).
Chain is approx. 22".
Antiqued silver-plated bird skull is decorated with a flower on the forehead and vines along the surface, the beak is long, but not sharp, it will not poke or scratch the wearer. Genuine Snow Quartz beads interrupt the chain at equal intervals and dangle in a graduated accent from the pendant. Pendant is 1-1/4"long from bail to beak end. Finished with a Lobster Claw clasp.

Matching earrings are included, and hang about 1-/12" from ear wire, accented with genuine Snow Quartz beads and suspended from a silver-plated Fish Hook style ear wire. Snow Quartz is an opaque white quartz crystal.

Ravens At Night Gemstone and Raven Charm Earrings Genuine Labradoite and Pewter Bird Jewelry

This charming little pair of earrings are unusual and attractive, subtle flashes of prismatic light play across the surface of the genuine Labradorite beads, reminding one of a cloudy moonlit midnight, or storm that might be passing overhead. Great for Rocker, Goth or darker fashion attire.

A member of the feldspar mineral family, legend holds that it fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, appearing as an average stone until it catches the light revealing a shimmer that represents the separation between the waking world and that of the unseen realms. This shimmer is called labradorescence. Labradorite is said to calm the mind, and helps to bring out the best in people.

Earrings are approx 2-1/2" long and hand about 2" from ear lobe.

Flat, round Labradorite beads are accented with silver-plated beads and a small Raven / Bird charm, a highly detailed piece of zinc alloy, nickle and lead free, that resembles aged pewter. Suspended from silver-plated Fish Hook style ear wires.


Jet Black Silver Raven Gemstone Raven Charm Earrings Genuine Jet and Bird Charm Jewelry

Jet, a beautiful and interesting stone, in the fact that it is not a stone but a by product of highly pressurized decomposing wood from millions of years ago. It lends an air of age and mystique to any piece of jewelry.

Genuine Jet beads are accented with silver-plated beads and a pair of Raven Charms. Ravens are made of a zinc alloy, nickle and lead free, resembling aged pewter.

Earrings are approx. 2-1/2" in length a hang approx. 2" from the ear lobe. Lightweight and cute. 


 Genuine Lava Rock and Bird Skull Earrings Gemstone Raven Skull Jewelry OOAK

Original and unique, these are primitive and fun, funky and daring. Terrific for Cos-play Costumes, Film or Fantasy Event attire, Halloween, or just for those drawn to the darker side of fashion.

Earrings are approx. 3" total length, and hang approx. 2-1/2" from the earlobe.

Raven Charm is 1-3/4" long from bail to beak, antiqued silver-plate over brass.

8mm Lava Rock beads have been polished to a smooth finish while maintaining the natural beauty of the naturally pitted lava rock, accented with silver plated beads and finished with silver plated Fish Hook style ear wires.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.  We hope we have inspired you to see what else is currently on offer in the shop.


The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.


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