Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Five Great Gifts To Give: Leprechauns and Clover

Good Morning,

Saint Patrick's Day is just a couple of days away, in celebration this weeks gift ideas are green, full of clovers, the gift of gab, and are just right for "Wearin' o' the Green".

From: Unicorn's Garden Jewlery

Malachite Braided Sterling Silver Ring, 8mm x 10mm Natural Malachite, Handmade, Size 6.5

This copper ore features a characteristic banding pattern of deep and pale green stripes or concentric circles. Because it is formed in thin layers, large pieces are somewhat rare.

Malachite gets its name from the Greek word molokhe (mallow) because of the resemblance of its color to that of the leaves of the mallow plant.

Egyptians used malachite as early as 4000 B.C. for amulets, jewelry and cosmetics (powdered eye shadow).

For this ring I hand braided the band from solid sterling silver wire then soldered the band and securely soldered the sterling silver bezel cup to the top of the band. After cleaning and polishing the ring I hand set the 8mm x 10mm natural Malachite cabochon into the serrated edge bezel cup.

Stone: Malachite
Stone Size: 8 mm x 10mm
Ring Size: 6.5
Band Width: 4mm (5/32")

This ring design can be made in other sizes, with other stone types, or with  a different size stones. I can also make dangle earrings to match. Please contact me with your request.

From: Augie by Carrie Jewelry

 Green Solar Quartz,Quartz Pendant Necklace, Gemstone Jewelry, Healing Gemstones

Green Solar Quartz, Quartz Pendant Necklace, Gemstone Jewelry, Stalactite Quartz Necklace

 I am obsessed with the intricacies of gemstones and how beautiful and unique they can be. I fell in love with Solar Quartz when I first laid eyes on it.

This high quality quartz pendant is a large teardrop shape and hangs from a 28 inch gunmetal plated  chain. The pendant focal itself is just over an inch so the whole necklace would  be 30 inches in total. A perfect gift for yourself or a girlfriend that could use a boost to enhance their crown chakra energy,crystal healing or are experiencing some difficulties dealing with emotions for any reason.

Solar Quartz is said to bring emotional strength and uplifting with great power and energy. Solar Quartz also has all the properties of clear quartz and is protective, purifying on spiritual, mental and physical levels, used to communicate with spirits and more. Solar Quartz is associated with the crown chakra, but also works well on all chakras

Stalactites start from a single mineral laden drop of water formed by fast-flowing water rich in calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide.  This is a type of formation that hangs from the ceiling of caves, hot springs, or man-made structures such as bridges and mines
Solar Quartz is a natural agatized quartz stone that is cut from stalactites and is usually white,grey or colourless. When cut you can see concentric circles in a radiating pattern and the center may reveal druzy, small quartz crystals or air-bubbles. Solar Quartz is often dyed vivid colours.

From:  Happy Everything

St Patricks Day Earrings - Green Clover Swarovski Crystals Celtic

The St Patrick's Day Irish Celtic earrings are made with fern green Swarovski crystal clover beads, silver plated pewter quatrefoil shamrock links and silver plated pewter Celtic knot charms. These are just perfect for your St. Patrick's Day wearin' of the green!

"Shamrock Chic" earrings hang from 20 gauge sterling silver ear wires and measure approximately 2" from the top of the earwire. P.S. These earrings only look heavy but they are not, the shamrock link is hollow!

Your earrings will come on a decorative handmade earring card in a pretty organza bag.

Thank you very much for stopping by my shop.

From: The Alchemists Vessel

Poet Chain Maille Bracelet

Gorgeous green, fresh and fun to wear.   The stunning chainmaille bracelet is a colorful piece and just right for any occasion, a pop of color at the office, or for a casual weekend get away accessory.   From the Captured Color Collection, this lovely piece is made in this year's must have fashion color.  Light weight and comfortable for extended wear.

8" long including clasp.  Silver plated wire and enameled aluminum jump rings are woven in an Inverted Round Maille pattern and finished with a strong magnetic clasp that holds well during everyday activities and movements.

Arrives boxed, ready for gift giving.

*Customizable, may be made to desired length or in color of choice.  Check the shop to see if one isn't already available in your favorite color.  Multi-color requests, please add $5.00

Currently available in: Dark Blue, Purple, Olive Green, Pink, Teal, Red, Black and Copper (enameled aluminum or natural)

Free  Shipping on this item.

Custom orders, please allow 2 - 3 Day shipping, we need time to make your item.

From: Sara Nolte Designs 

Green tourmaline & keshi pearl sterling silver necklace,tourmaline and pearl,green tourmaline,bi color tourmaline,couture necklace,boho

Green tourmaline & keshi pearl sterling silver necklace,tourmaline and pearl,green tourmaline,bi color tourmaline,couture necklace,boho Very unique Bi-Colour faceted tubes of green tourmaline and large creamy Keshi pearls hand wrapped onto sterling silver and lightly oxidized. Necklace is adjustable in length from 17.25-18.5 inches. 
One of a kind. 
Silver can be oxidized darker upon your request. Orders from outside the United States please convo seller for proper shipping charges. 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am happy to assist you!

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day. 

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