Monday, January 4, 2016

Studio News: New Shop On Facebook

Good Morning,

Today I would like share a little bit about the new feature on Facebook: Shops.

Business pages now have to option to build a shop right on their fan page, no clicking through or signing up for other websites, you can shop directly on Facebook, provided your favorite page has set one up.

Payment processing is provided by Stripe, and requires credit or debit cards,  just like other services.  It is safe, secure, and simple.

You can find the Shop on the left-hand side menu as you scroll down the page.  It will look like this:

You may click SHOP and it will take you to the entire selection of products, or you may click a single item and view it, as well.  There are also shop collections where you can view featured items, as well as all of one type of product.  You may also click the See More Items, and will be able to select the collection, feature or item of choice for shopping or purchase.   The Alchemists Vessel has three collections currently available to browse.  More items are being added daily and will appear after Facebook has reviewed them.

In hope that some of you might like to take a look, or that the information will be helpful to other small shops on Facebook.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.


  1. wow...this sounds like a good thing. I haven't promoted my FB page is a very long time because I could never get the shopify link to work right, or links to TCS or HA. I will have to add this to my to-do list. And be sure to share your shop with my friends. :-)

  2. Thank you, Debbi it is much appreciated. A note: Be sure to have all your numbers (accounts / routing etc) when setting up for Stripe. It will make the process easier. I didn't and have had quite the time trying to get that going,but it is fixed now. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Advice that works is vital to life itself, especially when it comes to Facebook marketing. Setting up a Facebook store does not sound as intimidating as I thought. You have done a great job with your setup and it is going to be a great addition to what you are already doing. Congratulations!