Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Five Great Gifts For Giving List A 2016

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It's Tuesday and that means five neat gift ideas from those nifty handmade artists around the web.

It was a surprise to find that my friend's shop has closed on The CraftStar, however I have found her at "Scott's Market Place" - another on line venue dedicated to American Made Products.

From:  Yankee Burrow

Red Heart Choker Necklace Titanium Color

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your sweet Valentine, how about this stunning necklace? I used blood red crystal faceted beads and a heart pendant to dress up this pewter choker that I had discovered in a thrift store. This necklace is a great dressy piece for the causal look, or a great casual piece for and elegant look. This choker measure 16" and has an extension chain.

Birdie Crochet (on The CraftStar)

It is unusual that I do not have a product to share, I am experiencing technical difficulties with the site, however, do click through to her shop and see what she has on the shelves.  Adorable crochet Super Heroes, Animals, Movie Characters, Motorcycles, and more.  I wish I could share an item, they are so cool, very unique, and high quality items.  Do stop in and give her items a look see.

From: Shale's


This simple design features a strand of semi-round silver color 8x9 MM fresh water pearls 16 1/2" long attached to a sterling silver lobster clasp.

A beautiful 12x12 MM heart shape cubic zirconia with silver frame and CZ removable enhancer.

Length: 16 1/2"

Length can be adjusted to your preferred size.  
We are more than happy for custom orders.  If you'd like something especially made with your favorite semi and semi-precious gemstones, please contact us.
Our one of a kind pieces can be found at Shale's Jewelry in Beverly Hills, California.

From: Jabber Jewels

Butterflies Art #5 Pendant Necklace

Butterflies Art #5 Pendant Necklace

This is one of my own images that I designed.
Set in a 1" silver pendant tray and comes on a 20" sterling silver plated ball chain.

You can adjust the length of the chain by cutting it with a regular pair of scissors to assure a perfect fit.
All of my pendant necklaces are made with quality components.

If you like this image and would like it in a Key Chain, go to this link to order https://www.thecraftstar.com/product_details/190401/key-chain-your-choice-of-image/

 From: Anne Jantz Designs

Children's Book - Olivia Ocelot Comes to the Rescue

 Adventurous, exciting, educational, and filled with Nature’s wonders, “Olivia Ocelot Comes to the Rescue” captures the enchantment of the Rain  Forest, and the tropical beauty of Costa Rica.  Olivia Ocelot’s adventures emphasize the power of the community, and her story celebrates the friendships between some very unique animals.

Olivia Ocelot lives in the Rain Forest in Costa Rica with a lot of other very interesting animals. They all know she is the one to come to if they have a problem, because Olivia Ocelot cares about her friends, and she is a very good detective. In this first episode, Penelope Oropendola, a beautiful bird, comes to Olivia Ocelot for help. Penelope and her group of friends have a big problem. Olivia goes out and visits a lot of her neighbors, and asks them all what they think Penelope Oropendola and the others should do about their dilemma.

She finally gets an answer and helps Penelope and her Oropendola community. Olivia Ocelot  has come to the rescue, and she is very happy. Next, she is summoned by the dangerous and powerful Jason Jaguar, King of the Rain Forest. She goes to see him with great fear and trembling, and the story comes to a happy ending. Olivia Ocelot is very, very happy.

Thank you for stopping in to have a look.  We hope we have encouraged you to take a look at some of these amazingly talented people and perhaps patronize their shops.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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