Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Five Great Gifts For Giving List L14

Good Morning, 

Today we have a couple of new shops and items to showcase on the list.

From Sue's Arts

Peachblow Agate Druzy Geode necklace, agate stone necklace, geode stone, druzy stone, gold necklace

Peachblow Agate Druzy Geode on gold filled chain.

Size: 30x22x8mm

It is known as “Floating Rocks”. It has been used in the treatment of disorders associated with the hands, lungs, and nervous system.

Druzy Quarts is said to aid in balancing and increasing energy.

Since ages it has been used to diagnose disease and is believed to enhance natural extrasensory perception abilities.

Supplies strength and energy
Encourages clarity of mind





From: Reformations

A modern abstract glass clock - Very stylish and totally unique - Reformations

An abstract eye catching glass clock. Each of these pieces are completely unique and handmade by myself. They come with a silent sweeping mechanism and ready to hang. 

From: Pretty Ur Party

4th of July Invitations | Party invitations | Independence day invites | stars and stripes | red and blue- Custom Printable Birthday Invites

4th of July Invitations - DIY custom printable invites.

Celebrate Independence day with this cute invitation. Get this digital file and invite as many as you like.

This listing is for invitation that come in the form of PDF printable file with 2 invites on 1 page or as a JPG for printing single invites at a time.
The file will be emailed to you within 24 hours after all information has been received.


From:  Reviving Lotus

buddha beaded necklace, charm necklace, rosary necklace, yoga necklace, red buddha, gold filled necklace, gold necklace

This piece is very simple and casual but is also very vibrant and can be used as a more dressy look because of this gorgeous coral red color. This necklace resembles a rosary because of the style of the chain beading. There are many variations to this necklace such as two different chains that are gold fill, and the coral red buddha mixed with red garnet beads, the wire used to connect the beads is also gold fill.

Custom orders always welcome, message me if you have any questions, or requests for changes. 


From:  Kutuleras

FINN+BACKPACK ADVENTURE time amigurumi doll cheap knit finn human jake dog cartoon kids

Hey! Bring Finn soon. Doll inspired by the legendary series "Adventure Time"


Height: 14,5 INCHES
Width: 6,6 INCHES

Washable to machine
Do not bleach
Washable dry
100% Acrylic

In the following link you can see his inseparable friend, Jake!


Thank you for stopping in and having a look.  We hope we have encouraged you to click through and see what else these folks have to offer.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.


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