Monday, April 14, 2014

What's New in The Studio - Wire / Jump Ring Selections

Good Morning, 

This weekend I spent time with the supply catalogs and would like to share some of the new materials that will be available for custom work and favorite designs.

Silver, Sterling Silver and Copper are my preferred metals of choice, but gold is requested more often than not.  We have added several sizes of manufactured rings and new wires to our inventory.

Gold (14K) Jump Rings

Now available in several sizes, these pretty rings will be used in a variety of items, including but not limited to our Chainmaille Selection of jewelry.  Look for new items soon, or ask us about a custom design order made especially for you.

Aluminum Rings:

These lovely rings also come in a variety of sizes and have been purchased specifically for Dragonscale Maille pattern bracelets.  Currently available in three colors Red, Black and Gold (Yellow), we will be adding more colors to our selection soon.  Shown here in Red.


Stainless Steel Rings:

We have also added Stainless Steel to our selection of wire / jump rings.  Silver in color, stainless steel is great for those that may have metal sensitivities or want a piece that can stand up to heavier wear and tear than the precious metals.  They also make great masculine designs.

A word about Gold:

Gold: All gold jewelry is plated, usually over copper or brass.  Gold is too soft to use for much of anything unless it is mixed or layered over another base metal.  "Rose Gold" is a blend of Gold and Copper, adding the copper creates that pretty red tone in the gold.  Most Gold jewelry is plated at 18K or 14K.  This means that the piece of jewelry is 75 to 58.5% Gold and 25 to 41.5% base metal.  Our jump rings are listed as 14K over brass.  Our gold wire is filled over brass.

Filled vs. Plated:  What does this mean?

Filled wire in gold or silver is simply a denser plate of gold over the base metal.  Plated wire is usually about .15mm of precious metal over a base metal wire (like a sheath),  Filled is usually .25mm of precious metal over a base metal core.
(Picture taken from the internet).

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.  We hope you will stop by again and see what we have made with these new supply items.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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  1. very interesting. looking forward to seeing your new creations. :0)