Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Midas Touch

Good Morning,

You have heard the story of King Midas, the unfortunate man that could turn everything he touched in to gold, including his food, his clothes, his daughter.  That's right, anything he touched instantly became gold.

Here at The Alchemists Vessel we aren't blessed with such a curse, but as our namesakes once attempted, we like to turn things in to gold, or perhaps more appropriately turn gold into things.

Monday we had a brief showcase of some of the new materials now available through the shop.  Anxious and excited to try the wire and rings out, I sat down for a bit of weaving, and I must admit the fun of playing with new items had me a bit distracted.

A small sampling of yesterday's play.  

Due to skipping from one weave to the next, I neglected to notice and correct a couple of migrating rings here and there and will of course take the time to fix the errant part before continuing with the piece.

5.0mm 18g 14kt Gold Plated Rings - European 4-in-1 pattern

8mm 18g Gold over 6mm 18g Silver - Dragonscale Pattern

8mm 18g Silver over 6mm 18g Gold - Dragonscale

6mm 20g Gold and Silver - Spiral

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