Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Five Great Gifts To Give List 1 2017

Good Morning,

Today it my pleasure to share five unique items from five unique shops on etsy.  You may click any of the links to be taken to the item, we encourage you to check out the shops and see what else is on the virtual shelves.

From: Ninni Bu Art (France)

Joker Modern art prints, contemporary prints, Picture abstracts, design picture, modern picture, picture contemporary, picture decoration

Work "joker" realized with Ebenist painting and plaster the whole on worked wood.
95cmx65cm painting on wood


From: Fish Face Jewelry (This is shop is still on "vacation")

Squiggle Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant, Unique Original Design

This pendant was cast in sterling silver from randomly wrapped wax wire and is approximately 1 1/2 in / 4cm in diameter. The 20" chain is oxidized sterling silver.

Free Shipping to Canada.


From: Alicia Revivo

Hamsa wall decor, Hamsa wall hanging, Hamsa Wall Art, Hamsa, wall hanging Hamsa, wooden hamsa, aged hamsa, lavender hamsa, wall Hamsa

 This beautiful handmade hamsa is a stunning custom design, created on a handcrafted wooden piece.

100% Handcrafted and carefully picked and handled to make each and every piece unique and one of a kind.

Measurements: 5.25" x 3.5"

This Hamsa can be used for a home or business decor piece hung on a wall is a very common ornament in many Middle Eastern countries.

The Hamsa is believed to protect and shield against the evil eye and the envious eye of strangers.

It is also believed to create positive energy, happiness, prosperity and good health.

It is a lovely, meaningful gift idea.

The Hamsa is a symbol that has been around for thousands of years with its many names Hamsa, Hamsa Hand (Arabic), Chamsa, Hand of God,Hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, Hamesh Hand (Hebrew) to name just a few - the meaning is for the most part the same, the five digits of the human hand protecting the user.

To a certain extent folklore and superstition are behind the Hamsa's popularity and for the most part it has nothing to do with the official Jewish religion.

Hamsa is Gift wrapped.

Feel free to contact me for any questions!


From: Sue's Arts

Earrings Hanger, Wall frame, wall decor, home decor

Beautiful handmade and one of a kind earrings hanger frame made out of wood.

About 11" x 9".




From: Accessories By Katy

Raspberry earrings. Dangle & drop raspberry earnings. Polymer clay jewellery. Berries from polymer clay. Cute mini raspberries

These handmade raspberry earrings look like real berries, but not edible. They will be a great addition to your look.
Also this is a great gift for any occasion such as Birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas.

The leaves are slightly flexible but not fragile.

Made with love ❤️

I would also accept custom orders.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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