Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Shop Information: New Look New Site from Etsy

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned, and tried to assist Etsy Vendors with the new shop design Etsy was to roll out, April, 05, 2016.  Instead I was greeted yesterday with an invitation to open a new website via Etsy's new partners "Pattern."  This is not the new shop design / look I was expecting to see.  

I want Etsy to be honest and up front. That is how I do business, and that is what I want. I don't want Etsy to manipulate me, or surprise me. That is not good business. If Etsy says they are rolling out the New Display Format on April 05, and instead, rolls out a New Website Program, it makes me uncomfortable. 

Since Etsy entered the NY Stock Exchange a year ago, the emphasis of Etsy has shifted from a truly "global handmade market place", and is now all about the numbers, and how things look to investors and share holders. 

Congratulations Etsy Vendor, you no longer work for yourself, you are now what amounts to an "Associate".  Your hard work has been erased and devalued in an attempt to curry favor on paper for those that have nothing to do with your business or your art-form.

I came across another vendor's worries and questions as well, and thought I might share them with you.  Their name has been withheld for privacy reasons.
This Newly introduced Patterns website is a way for Etsy to multiply the numbers, on paper, without having to expand their client base. Before you just jump into this website, because it is free for one month, think about this: 

*What are your priorities as Artist's and business people?

*On a stand alone Website, am I really interested in paying 3.5%, plus transactions fees, plus monthly fees?

(Information: To list on this new site it is as follows a one time $13.00 fee for a domain name (unless you have your own already, these can be purchased from other domain services for as little as $0.99), a $15.00 monthly service fee, as well as the $0.20 listing fee for each item listed in a shop.)  The seller's profit margin has dropped dramatically at this point as the seller will be paying any number of fees, including the percentage Etsy takes for the sale of the item. 

If the item is $30.00, a seller has paid .20 for the listing, the item is now 29.80, the seller pays the 3.5% of sale to etsy ($1.05), the item is now 28.75, the seller pays the $15.00 monthly fee, the item is now $13.75.  Fees have eaten over 50% of of the item's cost.  That's not good any way you add it. 

* Does Etsy's newly stated International Sales policies to EU countries, including "Seller pays all shipping fees when an EU Buyer requests a Return and Refund, including initial shipping'', impact the new website?

Will it be enforced?

*Does the Seller control the contents of their new website, or are listings criteria controlled by Etsy?

*Can a Seller list whatever they want, as they can on other free standing websites? and If so, how does that affect Etsy shops?

*Where is the New Format?

*What is Etsy doing to support the Sellers, and increase sales for the Sellers? 

The website is for Etsy, it creates higher numbers, and a new stream of monthly revenue for Etsy. For the Seller, it simply duplicates the sellers shop, which is not necessarily a boost for Sellers. I would rather see an actual increase in shop Sales, as a benefit for both Sellers AND for Etsy. When Sales increase, Etsy's revenue actually increases.

Sales should justify paying Etsy for marketing our shops, etc. This is something Etsy simply does not do.

This post in intended for information purposes only.  The Alchemists Vessel in no way endorses, condones, or encourages any action by the reader.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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