Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Places To Shop

Good Morning,

Tuesday is usually full of gift ideas, but where does one go for those nifty gifts?

There are Flash Sale Sites, Corporate Sites, Look and Like Sites and then there are Handmade Sites where you can connect directly with your favorite shop or person.

The Alchemists Vessel has a website, and participates at two handmade sites, not including the blog where you can look and shop as well.


The Alchemists Vessel on Etsy

The Alchemists Vessel on The CraftStar

The Alchemists Vessel Official Website

Shop here on the blog via the Square Market tab at the top of the page or visit out website, you may also follow any of the links on the sidebar menus.

You can also find us on:


 Thank you so much for stopping in and having a look.  In hope you will come back again.

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