Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Great Gifts To Give List 42

Good Morning,

Tuesday's are usually devoted to five items from around the web that would make great gifts.  

Today, I want to share another type of gift, something you can give to help another in their time of need.  There are lots of worthy charities, causes and other local groups and organizations in your area that are happy to take a donation.

You can make a monetary donation on line (just 60 cents a day can help a dog or cat) or perhaps visit or call your local shelter and ask if there is anything they may need, Pet Food, blankets, toys, perhaps a small monetary donation for things like medicines.  Let's not forget those less fortunate this year.



This site is geared towards kids, not everyone has a coat to keep them warm, especially children as they grow out of them so fast.  The link will take you to the site map, where, if you wish, you may type in your zip code to find a place to make your own coat donation.  Warm your heart by warming up a child with a coat this year.

Toys For Tots 


From the site link you can make a monetary donation, ask for a toy for a child, or find / host a Toy Drive.

American Red Cross

There are many ways to assist, the link will take you to their "Ways To Help" page and find out how to:
Talk / Teach / Host a Class
Get involved with a local group organization.
Every little bit helps.

This last one you'll have to do on your own.  Every once in a while lists are printed, published or put out somewhere for Seniors in Need, this could be anything from a bottle of lotion, to a warm blanket or any small item that may be beyond a Senior's means.  I encourage you to look though your local papers, open the phone book and find a hospice or other Senior Care facility, give them a call, make a note, then choose a Senior or several and purchase those small items that may be needed. It will make you feel good, and you will be giving the Senior a gift of more than just lotion.

Thank you for stopping in and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.


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