Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crafters Travel Tips

Good Morning,

This morning I am sitting in the Airport waiting for a plane to whisk me off elsewhere for a day or four.  Every once in a while one needs to remove themselves from their present environment, rest, relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with the world in general.  Hiding in the studio all day creating is all fine and good, for a while.

So what is a Crafter to do when away from their supplies?  Bring some with you of course!  But what project?   Beads, Knitting, Sketching?  
Here are somethings to keep in mind when packing your crafting needs.

Keep it small enough to fit in a backpack or your Carry-On luggage.

Make sure everything you need for your project it fits into a large plastic Sandwich bag.

Projects to Make:

Knitting:  Socks, Arm / Wrist Warmers, Hat.

A ball of yarn, set of dpns  (short), stitch markers and Tapestry needle.  All fit nicely into a sandwich bag.  
TIP:  Poke a hole in one corner of the bag, pull your yarn through it, and knit.
Have you seen this?  THE KNIT KIT
Tired of searching in your knitting bag or purse for all the variety of items you need for knitting? Then The Knit Kit is your perfect solution! This kit includes a tape measure, stitch counter, thread cutter, scissors, crochet hook, stitch markers and point protectors all in one compact device. No need to continually buy various accessories when you can have it all in one. Great for traveling by car or plane (TSA approved!).

These are also handy, mine came as an insert from a magazine Simply KnittingThe Really Useful Little Guide To Knitting Socks.  It is small enough to slip into a purse or backpack pocket.  Easy flip style reference / instruction guide for knitting socks.  Includes several fun patterns to try and finishing techniques.

Beading: Small projects, earrings, charms, etc...

I don't really recommend beading on trips, but if you do you can pare down what you need with these simple ideas.

Again, make sure all your projects can fit into a Sandwich bag.  An
empty and washed "Altoid" tin or other Breath mint type containers with a closing lid work well.  You can also use these to hold your beads as you work.  If you already have your beads separated / sorted into small containers choose your colors, thread or wire, place the needles through a piece of fabric and tuck it all into your Carry on or purse.  

Sketching:  Draw, silly.

This can be an interesting and fun project.  Choose a small blank book with an appealing cover, or make your own (see below).
Sketch things that catch your eye, document where you went, what you did, take photos and paste them on the pages later when you return home.

Kids can use crayons and other things to draw or entertain themselves with the pages as well.

Make your own:  Fold several pieces of paper in half.  Choose a colored Card stock, fold it in half and slip the pages inside for a cover, or leave the pages as they are.  With a Tapestry needle sew through and along the fold in the pages two or three times, stitching the pages together.

Draw, write, scribble to your heart's content. 

Thank you for stopping in and having a read.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day. 

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