Monday, October 22, 2012

New Items and a Word or Two About Change

Good Morning,

Monday is here and the workweek begins.

This morning, I have one new item to share with you.
Today we will be doing things a bit differently.  Etsy, in its infinite stupidity has managed to destroy my on-line business in one fell swoop.  Long gone are the fabulous handmade artists shops and fun shopping experience.  Now you are lost in a sea of manufactured $2.00 garbage and crap made in China.  You might as well be shopping at Walmart.

I still offer the Etsy shop, as well as another Venue that isn't new, but is more intimate and truly devoted to the handmade artisan and their work.

Beaded Chainmaille Bracelet (Etsy)

Full Persian Weave and Czech Glass Bead Bracelet

You can also find this same item listed at, by following this link Ants Chainmaille and Czech Glass Bead Bracelet.  There are several other items listed there as I am still building the Shop, but eventually this will be the only place to shop with me on-line, besides the official website.

The Alchemists Vessel official website will also be going through some changes, we will include individual items for purchase as well as implementing new sections and removing others to offer customers and students a more cohesive site.  Please bear with us as we remodel!  The site is up and running now, stop by and see if there isn't something we can do for you today!

Last bit of news which I may have already talked about, but being busy may have forgotten.  Mind like a steel sieve.  I will be opening a Brick and Mortar location in the next several months.  I have a location that just kind of fell into my lap, (Thank You Michelle and Fred Deller of A-1 Video, Boise), and am looking for more artists to fill the space available.  Looking for Painters, Ceramic Artists, Wood Carvers, Sculptors.  Know an artist looking for a physical venue to showcase their work?  Direct them my way!  So there is no confusion, this is a PAID Participation, artist will pay a set price for their "Booth Space" within the shop and all monies in regards to sales are theirs to keep.  Artists may work their booth, or leave it in shop as there will be an On-Duty-Sales-Person at all times! (Me).  More details will be coming soon.

Participating Artists:
The Alchemists Vessel - Chainmaille and Gemstone Jewelry
Green Witch Designs - Jewelry - Knitting Goodies
Wire Witchery - Wire Wrapped Jewelry
Dreathen Leathers - Gorgeous Masks and leather accessories
Mudfipp Photography - Photographic Prints and more

I am in hope of many more participants!  On a sad note, I will not be taking anymore Jewelry Artisans.  As it happens people come and go and this may change.

Space permitting we will also be holding classes at the new store, and engaging other fun and entertaining alternatives for your gift giving needs!

Thank you for stopping in and having a read.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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