Thursday, November 3, 2016

New In The Studio: Oops Weave

Good Afternoon,

The blog is a little late today, we spent yesterday and most of this morning learning new weaves to entice, delight and surprise you.

Several of the attempts did not work, but undaunted, I will eventually learn those that have me stumped for the moment.  The successes are always fun as well, and this simple and deceptively intricate weave is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  

Commonly referred to as "Oops" it is also (technically) called European 4 in 1 Unbalanced and / or Reversing Bias 4 in 1.  I like Oops best.

The weave makes a lovely mesh like-pattern, that reminds me very much of garter stitch in knitting.  The tutorial called for 16g 1/4 ID rings.  This makes a large, chunky piece that feels wonderful to the touch and can be created in single or multiple colors and a variety of metals.

Shown here in 16g 1/4" ID and 18g 5/32" ID.  This weave can make a bold and bright statement or be sized down for a beautiful feminine and delicate band.

Shown here in the horizontal position as it would appear on your wrist.  Bright and Anodized Aluminum in Dark Blue and Emerald Green create a pretty wave pattern down the center of the piece.

Shown vertically in Violet, here the Bright Aluminum is used as an edging creating a striking stripe of purple down the middle of the piece.

We are working on both sizes currently and hope to have them available in the shop soon.

Like what you see, but don't want to wait for the listings?  Contact us today with you custom request and let's make something wonderful together.

Thank you for stopping in and taking a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

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