Friday, May 11, 2012

Promotions and Links and Mom

Good Morning,

Happy Friday, another work week successfully completed. 

Mother's Day is Sunday, and The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you and yours a wonderful day.  Do something nice for your Mom, she'll appreciate it!

A couple of weeks or more so now, I received an invitation to Artsy Dealy.  So far it is just an e-mail register / sign up page. It is a new traffic generator, geared to bring traffic to your Etsy shop.  Not quite sure how it works as I think it's still in it's fledgling state, the Link below will take you to their page.

Here is an interesting site Craft Gawker.  Rather like pinterest, with a twist, clicking through takes you to blogs and tutorials from the posting.  You can find everything from Braiding (Plaiting) your hair to how to make Glow in the Dark jars.

There is a new craft seller website  Although it is just an e-mail sign-up for information right now.  If you are interested in another site, venue, market for your wares, you might try there.  Plans are $8.95 a month, or 5% of your sales.

Remember every Tuesday is Five Great Gifts to Give.  Would you like to have your item promoted on the blog?  Drop me an e-mail with a link to your item and a bit about yourself, and your item will be posted along with four others on a given Tuesday.  Contacts links are to the right or Like us on Facebook.

Now, a little shameless self-promotion never hurt anybody.  Although I think it is official and I have lost my mind.  I am currently working on a project that will take no less than 5,694 jump rings (I counted!) to complete.  I designed the pattern, measured, coiled, and cut close to 7,000 jump rings over the past several days and I think the linking process is about to begin.  As soon as I have a more cohesive or comprehensive idea on how to present the project in stages we'll give you sneak peaks into the process and project.  Want to see what 1M (1,000) jump rings look like?

That's a whole lot of tiny little things! Multiply that by 6, and I have a lot of fun ahead of me!

Thank you for stopping by, The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you and yours a pleasant weekend, and a Happy Mother's Day.

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